Pastor Jeff Barbieri

Our first pastor was Jeff Barbieri. On Sunday mornings we met in the cafeteria/auditorium of Carmel Junior High School and we also held mid-week Bible studies in people’s homes. With such a small congregation, it took a lot of effort to get ready for worship each Sunday. After meeting with a church consultant and praying for guidance, we decided to seek another intermediate meeting place until the Lord provided a permanent building.

Carmel Community Baptist Church Begins

On Easter Sunday 1988, our church first began as Carmel Community Baptist Church. We were a daughter church of Bethesda Baptist Church of Brownsburg, which sent 38 “loaners” to begin a Bible-believing church in the Carmel area. Our purpose was “the evangelism of unbelievers, and the care and nurturing of believers, leading to a maturing, reproducing Christian lifestyle.” Within a year, most of the people from Bethesda returned to their home church and only two of the “loaner” families remained. By this time a number of people from the community had become a part of our congregation.


Carmel Bible Church

In early 1992, we changed our name to Carmel Bible Church.  This was done because the emphasis of the New Testament church was the communication of the Bible rather than a particular heritage or denomination, and because we emphasize the exposition of God’s Word.

New Location

In mid 1992, God answered our prayers and provided a facility in an office park in Carmel that had been previously used by another church.  The space was already set up nicely for our needs; we had an auditorium that would seat over 100 people, 5 classrooms, a nursery, two offices and a small kitchen.  We were elated to have a place of our own in which to meet.


Pastor Jeff Gaskill

In 1996, our founding pastor, Jeff Barbieri, and his family returned to his native area of New Jersey to a new ministry.  After seven months of searching, Pastor Jeff Gaskill accepted the opportunity to come to Carmel Bible Church and began his ministry with us in January of 1997.


Relocating to Westfield

In 1998, we learned a church was being built in a new development in Westfield.  It was a very unique situation because a building was under construction but needed a congregation.  Our pastor and elders met with the builder, Paul Estridge Jr., to discuss the possibility of Carmel Bible Church being the congregation he was looking for.  Being a committed Christian, he was thrilled to find a Bible-believing church for the beautiful Northeastern style building purposefully placed in the center of the neighborhood.  The Lord again directed and graciously provided for our church body by allowing us to secure affordable financing, due in large part to the generosity of the builder.


Centennial Bible Church

We moved into our present facility in October 1999, and changed our name to Centennial Bible Church.


Pastor Kirk Welch

In January 2004, Pastor Jeff Gaskill and his family accepted the call to another ministry in Michigan.  After another search of 8 months, Pastor Kirk Welch packed up his then young family, moving from California to Westfield and accepted our invitation to be the senior pastor of Centennial Bible Church. In 2006, the Lord again added to our staff with the addition of Associate Pastor Joe Penberthy and his young family.  And again in 2012, Youth Pastor Jared Price was added to our pastoral staff.


Building Expansion

As our attendance had increased to approximately 330, the need became apparent for our new expansion project, completed in June 2013, in which the Lord graciously provided more space for Children’s Ministries and office staff.


Cornerstone Bible Church

After years of discussion and prayerful consideration, Centennial Bible Church,  decided to change its name in 2015. We love being located right in the middle of such an amazing neighborhood, but because of the uniqueness of our location we have repeatedly heard the same comment from people who visit our church: “I thought this church was only for people who live in the Centennial neighborhood.” Even though we certainly love having people from the neighborhood as part of our church, we changed our name simply as a way to hopefully overcome the misunderstanding that some have had about us and communicate to people both inside and outside our neighborhood that this church is for everyone.

Youth Pastor Transition

In the fall of 2015 we said goodbye to our youth pastor Jared Price as he joined the Navy in hopes to become a Navy SEAL. After his departure we were grateful for our interim youth pastor Chase Ringler you stepped up and led our youth group during this transition.


Associate Pastor Change

In 2016 we saw our associate pastor Joe Penberthy called into a new ministry. He was accepted to be a part of the Harvest Training Center for Church Planting in Elgin, IL. He is thrilled to be joining the Harvest Bible Chapel movement and looks forward to planting a new church and feels he is being led to one day be a senior pastor. Shortly after we hired our new associate Pastor Mark Kelly who was a former youth pastor at Compass Bible Church in Orange Country, California.


CBC is a young, growing church located in the middle of a new residential neighborhood 15 miles north of Indianapolis, Indiana.  Inspired by a painting by Thomas Kinkade, a local builder envisioned a Northeastern style community with open lawns, walking paths, a sledding hill, and other amenities with a “small town” feel.  We’re thankful and excited for the privilege of representing Jesus Christ in this community and surrounding areas and are looking forward to the ways God will lead us in the future.