“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations..” Matthew 28:19


Through the Antioch initiative with the Slavic Gospel Association, Cornerstone has partnered with a coalition of churches to support the pastors and churches in Tomsk, Siberia.


The Antioch Initiative is a strategic vision modeled after the church at Antioch, Syria, described in the book of Acts. A church marked by its passion to reach the whole world with the Gospel, the original Antioch church trained its own pastors and missionaries to send them out to proclaim the truth wherever they could reach. The impact of this church was perhaps greater than any other local church body in history. Having studied the scriptures carefully, the UECB has been praying since the 1980s for the Lord to raise up Antioch churches throughout Russia to reach their people with the Gospel.


Annually, Cornerstone also supports the Immanuel’s Child project  that provides Bibles and gifts to the children of Tomsk, Siberia.  This represents one of the largest outreaches of the year for the church in Tomsk as they spread the gospel to these children and their families.



Gus teaches at Berea Bible Seminary. He is also very active in pastoring at the Evangelical Church in Leόn, Spain, through preaching, leadership development and discipleship.


Melissa is involved at home caring for their children, as well as being hospitable to their many guests and teaching and mentoring in the church’s women’s ministry.


Cornerstone Bible Church supports the Hurley Family annd Sufficiency of Scripture (SOS) Ministries. SOS is a unique 501(c)(3) faith-based organization, dramatically impacting the precious people of Uganda through sound Biblical teaching and training in God’s Word, and through sacrificially demonstrating Christ’s love. Founded by missionary and preacher Shannon Hurley in 2002, SOS is headquartered in Uganda’s impoverished Luweero District, operating out of Kubamitwe village. The SOS Board of Directors, senior leadership and staff are composed almost entirely of Uganda nationals.

Camp Hunt

On the first Wednesday of every month at 4:45 P.M. a group of men travel to Martinsville and Wheeler Mission’s addiction recovery program at Camp Hunt. Men from CBC preach the Word of God, fellowship and encourage the residents at camp. It’s a great way to get to know a few men at CBC and we usually return home by 10:00 P.M.